GEST Welcomes Conservation Funding Protection Act

Dec 03, 2020

The Gulf Economic Survival Team welcomed the introduction of the Conservation Funding Protection Act yesterday. This critical piece of legislation introduced by Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) provides regulatory certainty and protection for Gulf of Mexico energy, protecting thousands of jobs and conservation funding for public lands, hurricane protection, and coastal restoration.

“Small businesses and families depend on a robust offshore oil and gas industry and so we appreciate all our Gulf Coast Senators for their work on the Conservation Funding Protection Act that protects energy production in the Gulf of Mexico," said Lori LeBlanc, Gulf Economic Survival Team (GEST) Executive Director. "Leasing in the outer continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico is critical to the vitality of our communities and to our nation’s energy security."

"Supporting the industry is vitally important, especially as many citizens are already struggling as a result of the pandemic and the economic downturn," said LeBlanc. "Now, more than ever we should be investing in America’s offshore oil and natural gas industry as opposed to cutting it off, increasing our dependence on foreign resources and sending our American jobs to other parts of the world."